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My story begins in the early years of my life, in middle school and high school, where I played football. Things were going pretty well — until I blew out my knee in my senior year! You would of thought I’d hang up athletics after that, but no…I still liked the bodybuilding and nutritional aspect of sports! 

So, I took the tools I learned in adolescence with me into my college years, and became a competitive bodybuilder. I found that I really enjoyed helping other students achieve their fitness goals in the gym.

After college I started Bobby V’s In-Home Fitness Training. I was so new to this profession that I had no idea of what to expect going in—and by in, I mean into people’s homes! When you train people in their own homes as opposed to the health clubs, you have to be prepared…for (literally) anything.

Well, it’s been over 30 years now and you can only imagine what these eyes have seen! So with my clients’ consent, I look forward to sharing all these true, crazy & funny stories with you.

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